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Title: Common Sport Injuries in the Closed Basic Cycle and Causes among the New Students at Al-Istiqlal University - Palestine (Analytical Study)
Authors: Zakarneh, Ismail
Ghannam, Abdallah
Ghanim, Muath
Keywords: Sports Injuries
Closed Formative Course
Al-Istiqlal University
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2021
Publisher: Ismail Zakarneh
Abstract: The study aimed to identify the common sports injuries in the closed foundation course and their causes among new students at Al-Istiqlal University. To achieve this, the researchers used the descriptive method, in its survey style, for its suitability and the nature of the study. The study population consisted of 360 male and female students, and the sample consisted of 190 students who represented 53% of the study population, and after analyzing the data, the researchers concluded that the most common injuries in males were joint pain, then fleshy nails, and muscle spasms, while in females it was muscle spasms, sprains, and bruises. According to the most important causes of injuries, represented by the failure to use immediate treatment methods (massage, cold and ice compresses, sprays), high effort and overload in training, imposing penalties upon failure to perform exercises, and the results showed statistically significant differences in sex and the academic program and in favor of diploma students. Males stated that the most common causes of injuries were due to factors related to the nature of training and the nature of the environment and capabilities, while there were no differences between males and females in the causes related to the nature of nutrition and physical health. The results also showed that there are statistically significant differences between practicing and non-practicing students and in favor of practitioners that most of the causes of injuries were due to factors related to the nature of the environment and capabilities and came due to factors related to the nature of nutrition and physical health in favor of non-practitioners. However, there were no statistically significant differences between practitioners and non-practitioners in the causes related to the nature of training. The researchers recommend the necessity of providing the means of hospitalization and physiotherapy (massage, cold and ice compresses, sprays) and using them immediately when injuries occur among new students.
ISSN: 2201-1323
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