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dc.contributor.authorKhalilia, Walid-
dc.contributor.authorÖzcan, Gul-
dc.contributor.authorKaraçam, Songül-
dc.description.abstractAbstract: The objectives of this study are to identify changes in gene expression, which involved in apoptosis pathways induced by gamma radiation, Cervical cancer cells were exposed to various doses of a single fraction of gamma radiation. After incubation for different periods, the proliferation of C-4 I and HeLa cells were investigated by MTT assay, wile morphological features were assessed by fluorescent microscopy to measure the Apoptotic Index (AI). ..en_US
dc.subjectGamma radiationen_US
dc.subjectCervical canceren_US
dc.titleApoptosis Signalling Pathway in Cervical Cancer Cells Treated with Gama Radiationen_US
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