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Title: Induction of Apoptosis by Hypoxia in C-4 I Human Cervical Cancer Cells
Authors: Khalilia, Walid Mahmoud
Özcan, Gül
Akman, Gizem
Keywords: Hypobaric Conditions
Cervical Cancer
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Palestinian Medical and Pharmaceutical Journal (PMPJ)
Abstract: Hypoxia is defined as a hypobaric stress condition due to the atmospheric pressure in body cells and tissues. Hypoxia induces the formation of free radicals and causes damage to the cell. This study aimed to investigate the antiproliferative effects of hypobaric stress conditions and determine whether hypoxia could induce apoptosis in C-4 I cervical cancer cells. MTT was used to measure C-4 I cell proliferation....Apoptotic Index (AI) and apoptotic morphological parameters were assessed by fluorescent microscopy using DAPI stain. Hypobaric stress conditions inhibited the proliferation of C-4 I cells in a time-dependent manner and induced apoptosis in C-4 I cells...
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