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Title: Palestinian Literature: A Chronicle of Permanent Exile and Setbacks
Authors: Masood, Khaled
Keywords: Colonization; exiles; identity; Palestinian literature; resistance writing.
Issue Date: 28-Aug-2022
Publisher: Rihan Journal for Scientific Publishing
Citation: Khaled M. Masood. (2022). Palestinian Literature: A Chronicle of Permanent Exile and Setbacks. Rihan Journal for Scientific Publishing. Issue, 26. PP. 264-298.
Abstract: This research uncovers the chronological development of Palestinian literature in the context of Palestine's geopolitical, international political, and aesthetic settings to document the past of the people who have suffered unimaginable hardships and were exiled from their whole nation. It offers support for understanding Palestinian literature so that one may understand the influences of Palestinian authors. As writers look for creative methods to reenact their pasts and express their identities, the research investigates important subjects, encompassing the British Mandatory through 1948 and its repercussions through the 1967 Six-Day War and the ongoing colonization. Palestinian intellectuals employ the magical power of language to reclaim their dislocation and anguish outside the bounds of history. The development of "Writings of Resistance" starting in the mid-20th century and continuing now is evidence of the steadfastness of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. Furthermore, Palestinian literature, which is still thriving, draws on earlier works and rejects the "horror of history." Palestinian literature perfectly expresses the Palestinian people's setbacks and the ongoing struggle for existence.
ISSN: 2709-2097
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